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My approach to counselling is integrated. This means I use three different models to help the people I work with. The models I use are Person Centred, Transanalytical Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural  Therapies. These give me a variety of tools to help you move forward positively in the future. My method of working is building a trusting relationship together. One, where you are in charge of what the sessions focus on, and what outcome you would like to achieve. To ensure we can build a working relationship, I offer a free 15 minute session where we can meet and talk about you and your needs. If you are happy at this point, we then move forward and book in sessions.

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Anxiety can rule our lives and affect how we live and interact with others. I work with you to identify the root cause of the anxiety, and put together a personalised therapeutic toolkit to help you manage your anxieties on a day to day basis. By taking control of anxiety, you take control of your life once more. 
I picked this image because, to me, it sums up anxiety...that feeling of going on a stage and trying to meet someones expectations and anticipate what may go wrong.



This is silent. Whilst others see us as happy on the outside, they do not see the misery on the inside. This condition sucks the life out of life, and can severely affect how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others. It affects our day to day activities and can be very debiliatating. My aim is to work with you to understand your depression, to understand where it is rooted and what triggers it. By understanding, it gives us the ability to work with it and control it, and live a better life. By managing and controlling depression your life becomes a better place to be, a better place to live.
I picked this image because it shows a group of friends out having fun. One of that group could have depression but you can't tell how they feel on the inside, and although they are part of a group, they actually feel very isolated.

Bridge Over River


Grief can be due to loss of a loved one, a relationship, a home, a job and more. It manifests itself in a variety of ways, and we all cope with it differently. I will share this journey with you and help you to develop ways to cope and manage your grief or loss. I believe that grief does not change, it will always be there but, with the right support, we can learn to live with grief and loss, getting enjoyment from life once more.
I picked this image because to me it symbolises the journey we take when working with grief or loss. The waters are turbulent, the bridge doesn't look steady, but each step we take, we head towards a future we can look forward to again.

Happy Children


Relationships can be the hardest things to maintain successfully. Whether they be personal or work based. By being aware of our perceptions of relationships we can improve our communication and the way we relate to others. By working with you to identify issues and why they are present in your life, therapy can be used to adjust perceptions and how we can then improve our relationships with others.
I picked this image because relationships are not just about partnerships or marriages, they are about how we interact with friends and colleagues. These children are happy and confident in their uncomplicated friendship, something we can lose when we journey into adulthood.



Trauma is overwhelming. Its is destructive and the effects take over our lives when we are at our most vulnerable, and also when we think we are "getting over it'. Working with trauma is very client led. In some instances we may work on helping you live and learn to control the effects of the trauma. For others, it may be important to look at the trauma itself and identify the best way of moving forward.
I picked this image because just like trauma, a wildfire is destructive and all consuming. It is hard to get under control, but once out, life starts to regenerate.